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Hi! My husband, Kip, and I love to travel, but we love to be in our home even more. We visited North Idaho nine years ago and fell in love with it, so we bought land and began to build our dream vacation home. At first, we were flying back and forth monthly from Florida! Finally, Kip said to me, “I love it in Idaho. Let's live there full time.” So...we did! In 2017, we built a guest cabin so we could share the beauty and relaxation with our friends and family. Every single person who comes to our property—including locals—say it is the most beautiful place they have ever been, and the positive feedback was what led to the decision to open up that cabin as a vacation destination. The experience has been amazing, and I feel like I'm on vacation all the time because I get to interact with new people everyday. 

 Jennifer, your host at Blackridge

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“Come visit with us and you will fall in love with this beautiful place we call home."
Blackridge Resort is owned maintained by Kip & Jennifer.
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