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We're excited to announce a new experience available at Blackridge. Take a thrilling ride through the private trails and get a unique view of the mountains you won't find anywhere else, from the comfort of one of our performance-enhanced all-terrain vehicles!

Your adventure begins on Blackridge property, where your driver, Kip, will pick you up. The ride vehicle is fully enclosed and heated for your comfort.

Enjoy a leisurely drive to the trailheads, before the heart-pumping journey begins. Your driver will wind through the remote trails for an experience like nothing else on Earth. Then, take a break at the lookout stop for seasonal snacks—hot cocoa and cookies, in winter, or fresh lemonade in summer! Take as many pictures of the view as you like before heading back to the resort to conclude the day. If staying in the Blackridge Cabin, we highly recommend a glass of wine and a soak in the hot tub to wind down for the night.

This experience is fantastic in winter, but the views are spectacular year-round!

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As the designer and maintainer of Blackridge Resort and the surrounding property, Kip knows the trails by heart! With years of experience in both aviation and mountain driving, Kip puts the safety and comfort of our guests first and foremost so that you can enjoy the ride.

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